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Ryan Kuhlman Florida Real Estate

Not many people have the pedigree that Florida real estate mentor and investor Ryan Kuhlman have.  Ryan brings the classic “roll up your sleeves” Midwest approach to a place that’s known for having it’s fair share of seedy characters, and he’s winning over both investors and students in the process.  Today we’ll share more information about Ryan Kuhlman and tell you what he’s up to today.

Who Is Ryan Kuhlman?

Born in Ohio, Ryan came to South Florida in the 1990’s and worked his way up from working in Commercial real estate to having his own investment portfolio, business, and even coaching program.

Ryan Kuhlman

Ryan purchased the now sunset real estate mentoring brand, BREIA, from investors Bill and Jan Leon in 2013. It was at that point where he became somewhat of a known figure in the South Florida real estate investing scene.  He helped BREIA groom it’s students into successful real estate investors through his hands-on approach to mentoring and by helping them get into an exclusive network to help them get across the finish line on all of their potential real estate deals.

In 2019, Ryan became the youngest President of the National REAL (real estate investing association) an esteemed title that put him in the national spotlight.

Ryan helped BREIA become the most well known and successful mentoring program for real estate investors in South Florida, but he wasn’t fulfilled.

In 2020, he felt that his time was finite, and he could only coach so many people in any given week, month, or  year.  He decided to close down BREIA and focus on helping homeowners that are facing foreclosure, or who just want  clean, easy break from their real estate investment.

Along with two of the top students in their mentoring program, Jo and Victor, Ryan has started Florida Homeowner Solutions, a one stop shop for all Florida residents who want to sell their homes quickly, for cash.

Florida homeowner solutions helps homeowners of all types that face problems with their properties.  Ryan’s company will even help people stay in their property by working with their lenders, in some situations.

In any case, you can count on his team to find a solution for Florida Residents.

(Here’s a recent press clipping.)

If you live in Florida and face any hardships with your property, you can count on Ryan’s team to help you find solutions.  You do have options, and you will never be asked to make expensive repairs to your home or pay any realtor fees!

Ryan’s reputation as a problem solver is one that has earned him the respect of many South Floridians.  Make sure to look him up if you or a loved one have any Florida real estate needs.