Jon Gabrus

Many people won’t know the name Jon Gabrus at the time of this publication, but in very short time, they will all know who is Jon Gabrus.  Today I’ll explain why he is the latest addition to my blog, aptly called “Incredible People.”

Who is Jon Gabrus?

jon gabrus

Best known for his word on “Guy Code,” Jon is an American actor and comedian.  Maybe you haven’t heard of his name, but you will definitely know his face.  He’s also known for the podcast “Comedy Bang! Bang!” as well as Younger, which you can see on TVLand.  While those are all pretty B and C rated shows that most people won’t resonate yet, I’m writing this post to share with you that he has big things popping and he’s about to become a household name.

Where was Jon Gabrus Born?

Jon Gabrus was born and raised in Long Island, New York. In his earlier years he was on the high school football and swim teams.  After high school he then attended Marist College where he participated on the club rugby team.

Jon Gabrus Wife

Everyone always wants to see the wives of famous people.  This is Tiffany Gabrus.  They are college sweethearts.  Epic.

tiffany gabrus

Jon Gabrus Career

His career began in 2005 in New York at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, where he began his career in performing arts.  Currently he’s at the theater in Los Angeles.

At the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, he was on some teams, including the Mailer Daemon, The Law Firm, Your F’d Up Family, and fwand.

He had a one person show called “Blackout Drunk” as well.

He’s perhaps most well known for his panel participation on MTV2’s Guy Code, and he has some recurring roles on television shows like The Hotwives of Las Vegas, Younger, and Comedy Bang! Bang!

He’s appeared on a number of podcasts, has been a contestant on an internet game show by CollegeHumor, and more.

However, I come to you today to write about Jon Gabrus because I am amped to hear about his new gig:  101 Places to Party Before You Die.  Let me get into what this is all about.

101 Places to Party Before You Die Show

Debuting on TruTV, along with his best friend Adam Pally, Gabrus will play the part of travel hosts on this new series, which I’m positive is going to be a cult hit, if not a big time major hit with all genres.  Who wouldn’t like to watch comedians drinking, gambling, and left up to their own vices in places you “must party at before you die.”

Ummmm, sign me up?

101 Places to Party Before You Die Season One Trailer

Watching that trailer has made me an instant fan.  Jon Gabrus will be a household name soon.  Mark it.