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Who is Amy Yancie from Flipping Vegas?

Amy Yancie is widely popular for her role in Flipping Vegas, an A&E renovation reality series.  She is a Canadian-American interior designer, as well as a reality television star and realtor. Amy and her husband Scott Yancie have both appeared in the series as main cast.


Amy Yancie is a 52 year old interior designer. She was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada on August 30, 1967. Being a Canadian, she grew up on a ranch. She met Scott Yancie at college in the late 1980s. Amy got married to a real estate investor, a businessman and fellow reality television star, Scot Yancie on January 26, 2000. She and her husband Scott moved to Las Vegas from Park City, Utah in 2004. They moved there to start a real estate firm, the Goliath Company. She has nine other siblings, four of whom are actually adopted. Both her parents, Stephan and Carol, and two of her brothers are no more. Amie has a daughter from her previous relationship, named Sarah. The couple itself has no kids together. After years of marriage, from 2011 to 2014, Amy and Scott decided to document their business on Flipping Vegas, a renovation reality show.

Amy and Scott sold a house in June 2019. It was a remodeled 1949 farmhouse situated in Malibu, California. They sold it for $6.25 million. Reese Witherspoon is the actress who bought this house. Before they decided to sell the house, Amy and Scott were using the property for other purposes, mostly as a wedding venue. They sold about 1,000 houses with their Goliath Company.

Zuma Farms, a two acre estate is located above Malibu’s Zuma Beach in the foothills. It consists of a guest house, a main house, a horse stable and a number of outbuildings. The 1949 modernized farmhouse is surrounded by lots and lots of 1,500 year old sycamores that provide the house with extreme privacy. It is a private gated estate.

Even though Amy and Scott do not have any kids together, both of them have a lot on their plate to look after. The both now live in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have three dogs named Zuma, Tallulah and Flip. They also have two horses with the name of Tieme and Heinke. Not only that, but they also have pigs to look after, named Lucy and Bacon bits, as well as a mini donkey. Amy is a grandmother to her daughter Sarah’s child. Sarah and her husband Mitch gave birth to their very own beautiful baby on October 16, 2018.


Education and Early Life

From an early age Amy started showing early signs of life on television. She took drama at Lethbridge Collegiate Institute. She starred in a production of school which was titled Porch. Not just that but at an early age Amy was also exposed to “flipping” and construction. Other than that, her grandfather Glenn established a company in 1940 by the name of Tollestrup Construction Company. This company was started mainly for the aim to excavate basements in the Lethbridge area, in Canada. It has been 80 years now, and the company has broadened its purpose. It was passed down to her dad as a legacy after many family generations. Tollestrup Construction Company is now being run by Amy’s brother James.


According to, Amy and her husband Scott started Goliath Company in 2013. It is a real estate brokerage which specializes in the buying and selling of properties, income property analysis, and land development. In this particular firm, Amy has the role of an interior designer and a realtor. She is also involved in various other aspects of the company’s offerings. She starred next to her Scott in “Flipping Vegas”, an A&E production from 2011-2014.

Along with serving as the interior designer, Amy together with her husband bought run-down houses, and flipped them, and resold them. This earned them huge profits and success. She is an interior designer, a real estate agent, and a reality TV Star. She has sold more than six hundred homes with the Goliath Company after designing and remodeling them.

Social Media

Amy Yancie is a popular figure on social media, Twitter in particular. There she has gathered a huge social following of over 10,000 fans. She is a blogger with a blog called “Amie on Design”. She shares the latest trends and styles of her interior design expertise.

Body Measurement & Age, Height, Eyes Color

Amy Yancie is 52 years old. Her height and weight are unspecified. Other than that, her hair color is blonde, and eye color is blue. Amy Yancie’s shoe size is 9.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Amy Yancie is $20 Million in the current year 2020. This net worth has been estimated by Wikipedia, IMDB, Forbes, and many other reputable and reliable online sources. Most of her wealth has been earned from her flourishing career as an interior designer from Canada.

Charity Work

Amy Yancie and her husband Scott Yancie are actively involved in a number of charitable events. They are also partners with nonprofit charitable organizations that provide injured veterans with homes. They are also involved in around six veterans programs currently.


The coupe also created the Yancey events which is an educational training program. It provides training and educational workshops, as well as seminars on real estate investment. They convey knowledge and guide pursuing to be entrepreneurs on real estate investing.

Her Love for Cars & Extreme Sports

Amy, just like her husband has a love for fast paced things and action. She is a lot into drag racing in and uses her very own Porsche. She owns around 8 motorcycles. Other than that, she has a passion for dangerous and extreme things such as dirt-biking, horseback riding, drag racing and cave riding in Caribbean.