Jon Gabrus

Many people won’t know the name Jon Gabrus at the time of this publication, but in very short time, they will all know who is Jon Gabrus.  Today I’ll explain why he is the latest addition to my blog, aptly called “Incredible People.”

Who is Jon Gabrus?

jon gabrus

Best known for his word on “Guy Code,” Jon is an American actor and comedian.  Maybe you haven’t heard of his name, but you will definitely know his face.  He’s also known for the podcast “Comedy Bang! Bang!” as well as Younger, which you can see on TVLand.  While those are all pretty B and C rated shows that most people won’t resonate yet, I’m writing this post to share with you that he has big things popping and he’s about to become a household name.

Where was Jon Gabrus Born?

Jon Gabrus was born and raised in Long Island, New York. In his earlier years he was on the high school football and swim teams.  After high school he then attended Marist College where he participated on the club rugby team.

Jon Gabrus Wife

Everyone always wants to see the wives of famous people.  This is Tiffany Gabrus.  They are college sweethearts.  Epic.

tiffany gabrus

Jon Gabrus Career

His career began in 2005 in New York at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, where he began his career in performing arts.  Currently he’s at the theater in Los Angeles.

At the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, he was on some teams, including the Mailer Daemon, The Law Firm, Your F’d Up Family, and fwand.

He had a one person show called “Blackout Drunk” as well.

He’s perhaps most well known for his panel participation on MTV2’s Guy Code, and he has some recurring roles on television shows like The Hotwives of Las Vegas, Younger, and Comedy Bang! Bang!

He’s appeared on a number of podcasts, has been a contestant on an internet game show by CollegeHumor, and more.

However, I come to you today to write about Jon Gabrus because I am amped to hear about his new gig:  101 Places to Party Before You Die.  Let me get into what this is all about.

101 Places to Party Before You Die Show

Debuting on TruTV, along with his best friend Adam Pally, Gabrus will play the part of travel hosts on this new series, which I’m positive is going to be a cult hit, if not a big time major hit with all genres.  Who wouldn’t like to watch comedians drinking, gambling, and left up to their own vices in places you “must party at before you die.”

Ummmm, sign me up?

101 Places to Party Before You Die Season One Trailer

Watching that trailer has made me an instant fan.  Jon Gabrus will be a household name soon.  Mark it.

Local Celebrities

Ryan Kuhlman Florida Real Estate

Not many people have the pedigree that Florida real estate mentor and investor Ryan Kuhlman have.  Ryan brings the classic “roll up your sleeves” Midwest approach to a place that’s known for having it’s fair share of seedy characters, and he’s winning over both investors and students in the process.  Today we’ll share more information about Ryan Kuhlman and tell you what he’s up to today.

Who Is Ryan Kuhlman?

Born in Ohio, Ryan came to South Florida in the 1990’s and worked his way up from working in Commercial real estate to having his own investment portfolio, business, and even coaching program.

Ryan Kuhlman

Ryan purchased the now sunset real estate mentoring brand, BREIA, from investors Bill and Jan Leon in 2013. It was at that point where he became somewhat of a known figure in the South Florida real estate investing scene.  He helped BREIA groom it’s students into successful real estate investors through his hands-on approach to mentoring and by helping them get into an exclusive network to help them get across the finish line on all of their potential real estate deals.

In 2019, Ryan became the youngest President of the National REAL (real estate investing association) an esteemed title that put him in the national spotlight.

Ryan helped BREIA become the most well known and successful mentoring program for real estate investors in South Florida, but he wasn’t fulfilled.

In 2020, he felt that his time was finite, and he could only coach so many people in any given week, month, or  year.  He decided to close down BREIA and focus on helping homeowners that are facing foreclosure, or who just want  clean, easy break from their real estate investment.

Along with two of the top students in their mentoring program, Jo and Victor, Ryan has started Florida Homeowner Solutions, a one stop shop for all Florida residents who want to sell their homes quickly, for cash.

Florida homeowner solutions helps homeowners of all types that face problems with their properties.  Ryan’s company will even help people stay in their property by working with their lenders, in some situations.

In any case, you can count on his team to find a solution for Florida Residents.

(Here’s a recent press clipping.)

If you live in Florida and face any hardships with your property, you can count on Ryan’s team to help you find solutions.  You do have options, and you will never be asked to make expensive repairs to your home or pay any realtor fees!

Ryan’s reputation as a problem solver is one that has earned him the respect of many South Floridians.  Make sure to look him up if you or a loved one have any Florida real estate needs.

The Ultimate Real Estate Mentor

Ryan also teachers people how to invest in real estate through his Flip Coach Program.

If you want to learn how to buy and sell wholesale properties in the USA, this program is for you.

He also offers a more personal experience with his South Florida Real Estate Mentoring, so if you live in the area and want to actually visit his properties and watch him do the process live and have full access, this is the course for you.


Leila Janah

Leila Janah was an activist, adventurer, social entrepreneur and founded LXMI skin care, Samaschool and Samasource. She passed away on January 24th and will be dearly missed. She was only 37 when she lost her life to complications due to Epithelioid Sarcoma. She was a pioneer in the world of impact sourcing. The world will remember her due to her work to eradicate poverty.

Leila believed the creation of dignified work for all people during the next 50 years was the greatest challenge of all. In 2008, she founded Samasource. Her goal was to provide work as opposed to aid by hiring people living in impoverished areas. She wanted to train them in artificial intelligence data annotation. She believed if they had the skills, they could earn a living wage in the global economy.

The Early Years of Leila Janah

Leila was born in 1982 on October 9th in Lewiston, New York. She spent her childhood in San Pedro, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. Her parents were Indian immigrants arriving in the United States with absolutely nothing. When she spoke of her childhood, she said the years were difficult because her family was not financially secure. She worked numerous jobs including tutoring and babysitting.

leila janah

Leila graduated from the Academy of Mathematics and Science in California. At the age of 17, she was awarded a scholarship from American Field Services. She convinced them she should spend her time teaching in Ghana. This is where she was for six months during her high school senior year. She taught young students English in the village of Akuapem. Many of her students were blind.

Leila has said this experience is the reason she became passionate about working in Africa. While she attended college, her visits to the country continued. She graduated from Harvard University in 2005. Her degree was in African Development Studies. During her time in college, she conducted fieldwork in Rwanda, Senegal and Mozambique while consulting for Ashoka and the Development Research Group of the World Bank regarding economic and social rights.

During this time, Leila Janah witnessed the tragedy suffered by hard-working individuals living in poverty. She knew it was because they were in a geographic location where the people were unable to find a well-paying job. Eventually, this became the driving force of her life. Leila used her experience to create an African Development Studies degree of her own at Harvard University.

Leila became a Secretariat leader for World Model UN and Harvard Model UN while she was an undergraduate. She also conducted research and wrote travel guides for Let’s Go for Borneo, Mozambique and Brazil. She even found time to work in the Development Research Group for the World Bank in addition to her studies.

After Graduation

After Leila graduated, she began working as a management consultant for Katzenbach Partners. The company is now called Booz & Co. While working as a call center manager in Mumbai she found out one of her employees took a rickshaw to work from his home in the slums every day. This was when she had the idea to place the call center directly in the slums.

In 2014, she discussed her idea with The Christian Science Monitor. This became the idea behind Samasource. Her frustration with the typical approach to alleviating poverty was the reason Leila founded Samasource. She felt the focus of everything was placed on jobs instead of providing poor people with the skills they need to compete in the market.

In 2019, $14.8 million was raised for Samasource during Series A of the funding. The company is now hiring people from India and Africa, then training them for broad digital work and AI data skills. Due to the efforts of Leila Janah, these people are offered global opportunities to combine technology with human judgment. These individuals now encompass approximately 25 percent of the fortune 100 including Walmart and Microsoft.

There is no doubt Lelia was ahead of her time. The issues she tackled regarding business bias resulted in solutions now used in Silicon Valley. Samasource has impacted more than 50,000 lives since founded. People in developing countries across the globe received the tools necessary to become competitive in a digital market because of Leila. Her book was released in 2017.

The Achievements

Leila Janah has an impressive list of achievements. She was a visiting scholar for the Global Justice Program from Stanford and the Center for Public Ethics and Applied Philosophy through the Australian National University. She was the Care USA Director and the Incentives Founding Director for Global Health. Leila was the World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, received the Young Leadership Award from the inaugural Club de Madrid, was a TED Fellow and a 2012 TechFellow.

In 2014, she became the youngest individual to receive the Heinz Award. The same year, Fortune named her one of the Most Promising Entrepreneurs. Cover stories were written about Leila in Conscious Company, Fast Company and Entrepreneur magazines. The same principle was responsible for all of her efforts. She believed world poverty could be eliminated by combining dignity and work. As time passed, she found a way to make it happen.


Leila founded Samaschool in 2013. The focus of the non-profit school was providing new skills for the modern economy. She wanted to eliminate the digital gap present in the United States by teaching underserved local communities technical skills. She did not want to teach the people specific skills aimed at certain jobs. Instead, she believed training the people in global literacy and basic computer skills would increase the number of online jobs available to the communities.


After spending some time traveling in Uganda, Leila founded another company in 2015 called LXMI. The ethical, organic skin care company focused on fair-trade. Everything started as a means of providing Ugandan women with economic opportunities. Leila accomplished this by using the local beauty secret. She learned there was a wild botanical in Nilotica growing by the Nile. The business began as a part of the Accelerate Cohort for Sephora.

Within a short period of time, the business expansion included the local economies in South Africa, Kenya and Suriname. A major partnership was more recently secured by LXMI with Conservation International for the preservation of 235,000 hectares in the Amazon wildland. This is where LXMI sources a lot of the traditional medicinals used for its products.

ultra clean skin care

Samasource was re-established by Leila in 2019 as a for-profit company. As the original non-profit, Sama became the largest shareholder for the tech company. Samasource received the external capital access necessary for growth while making certain the core DNA remained an important aspect of the business. Wendy Gonzalez worked side-by-side with Leila for five years at Samasource. She is now the interim CEO of the company because she understands Leila’s strategy and vision.

The Diagnosis

When spring of 2019 arrived, Leila received a diagnosis of ES or Epithelioid Sarcoma. During her last few months, she displayed a great deal of courage. Even though her health was declining, she read her godchildren and stepdaughter stories. When night came, she lovingly tucked them in. Birthday candles were blown out together. Leila turned away from salsa dancing and traveling to far-off places.

Instead, she learned how to play the ukulele and started painting. During this time, she received well-wishes from all over the world. Her bedside was never empty because her dearest friends gathered around her. She once said that were it not for cancer, this would have been one of the greatest times of her life. She started working with a non-profit initiative for biomedical research called Research to the People as the cancer progressed.

Leila wanted potential treatments identified outside of standard care and the research accelerated for this rare sarcoma. A summit consisting of more than 50 oncology, bioinformatics, molecular biology and software engineer experts was convened just two weeks ago. The data involving Leila’s case is being analyzed to try to locate new therapeutic options to fight this aggressive disease.

In-depth research was conducted for three days to determine the genetic mutations of ES. Leila also had a genome sequencing conducted for her cancer with the hope research would advance. The analysis of her tissue sample provided a meaningful opportunity for the scientific community. As the research continues, the results will be shared to benefit ES patients of the future. This was Leila’s wish.

Leila and Tassilo

Mutual friends introduced Leila to Tassilo Festetics in 2017. After they were married, they had numerous adventures together. They studied cenotes in Mexico, observed Kenya wildlife, traveled to Indonesia to explore plant life and went kitesurfing in Brazil. Leila wanted to become a marine biologist because she loved the ocean. She went scuba diving regularly and was a performance freediver.

Leila and Tassilo had a home in Kenya and went paddleboarding among the mangrove forests. Leila will be missed by her husband, stepdaughter Mia, godchildren and all of the friends who loved her. Leila Janah left her mark on the world and society and her loss will never be forgotten.

Rich Celebrities

Who is Amy Yancie from Flipping Vegas?

Amy Yancie is widely popular for her role in Flipping Vegas, an A&E renovation reality series.  She is a Canadian-American interior designer, as well as a reality television star and realtor. Amy and her husband Scott Yancie have both appeared in the series as main cast.


Amy Yancie is a 52 year old interior designer. She was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada on August 30, 1967. Being a Canadian, she grew up on a ranch. She met Scott Yancie at college in the late 1980s. Amy got married to a real estate investor, a businessman and fellow reality television star, Scot Yancie on January 26, 2000. She and her husband Scott moved to Las Vegas from Park City, Utah in 2004. They moved there to start a real estate firm, the Goliath Company. She has nine other siblings, four of whom are actually adopted. Both her parents, Stephan and Carol, and two of her brothers are no more. Amie has a daughter from her previous relationship, named Sarah. The couple itself has no kids together. After years of marriage, from 2011 to 2014, Amy and Scott decided to document their business on Flipping Vegas, a renovation reality show.

Amy and Scott sold a house in June 2019. It was a remodeled 1949 farmhouse situated in Malibu, California. They sold it for $6.25 million. Reese Witherspoon is the actress who bought this house. Before they decided to sell the house, Amy and Scott were using the property for other purposes, mostly as a wedding venue. They sold about 1,000 houses with their Goliath Company.

Zuma Farms, a two acre estate is located above Malibu’s Zuma Beach in the foothills. It consists of a guest house, a main house, a horse stable and a number of outbuildings. The 1949 modernized farmhouse is surrounded by lots and lots of 1,500 year old sycamores that provide the house with extreme privacy. It is a private gated estate.

Even though Amy and Scott do not have any kids together, both of them have a lot on their plate to look after. The both now live in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have three dogs named Zuma, Tallulah and Flip. They also have two horses with the name of Tieme and Heinke. Not only that, but they also have pigs to look after, named Lucy and Bacon bits, as well as a mini donkey. Amy is a grandmother to her daughter Sarah’s child. Sarah and her husband Mitch gave birth to their very own beautiful baby on October 16, 2018.


Education and Early Life

From an early age Amy started showing early signs of life on television. She took drama at Lethbridge Collegiate Institute. She starred in a production of school which was titled Porch. Not just that but at an early age Amy was also exposed to “flipping” and construction. Other than that, her grandfather Glenn established a company in 1940 by the name of Tollestrup Construction Company. This company was started mainly for the aim to excavate basements in the Lethbridge area, in Canada. It has been 80 years now, and the company has broadened its purpose. It was passed down to her dad as a legacy after many family generations. Tollestrup Construction Company is now being run by Amy’s brother James.


According to, Amy and her husband Scott started Goliath Company in 2013. It is a real estate brokerage which specializes in the buying and selling of properties, income property analysis, and land development. In this particular firm, Amy has the role of an interior designer and a realtor. She is also involved in various other aspects of the company’s offerings. She starred next to her Scott in “Flipping Vegas”, an A&E production from 2011-2014.

Along with serving as the interior designer, Amy together with her husband bought run-down houses, and flipped them, and resold them. This earned them huge profits and success. She is an interior designer, a real estate agent, and a reality TV Star. She has sold more than six hundred homes with the Goliath Company after designing and remodeling them.

Social Media

Amy Yancie is a popular figure on social media, Twitter in particular. There she has gathered a huge social following of over 10,000 fans. She is a blogger with a blog called “Amie on Design”. She shares the latest trends and styles of her interior design expertise.

Body Measurement & Age, Height, Eyes Color

Amy Yancie is 52 years old. Her height and weight are unspecified. Other than that, her hair color is blonde, and eye color is blue. Amy Yancie’s shoe size is 9.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Amy Yancie is $20 Million in the current year 2020. This net worth has been estimated by Wikipedia, IMDB, Forbes, and many other reputable and reliable online sources. Most of her wealth has been earned from her flourishing career as an interior designer from Canada.

Charity Work

Amy Yancie and her husband Scott Yancie are actively involved in a number of charitable events. They are also partners with nonprofit charitable organizations that provide injured veterans with homes. They are also involved in around six veterans programs currently.


The coupe also created the Yancey events which is an educational training program. It provides training and educational workshops, as well as seminars on real estate investment. They convey knowledge and guide pursuing to be entrepreneurs on real estate investing.

Her Love for Cars & Extreme Sports

Amy, just like her husband has a love for fast paced things and action. She is a lot into drag racing in and uses her very own Porsche. She owns around 8 motorcycles. Other than that, she has a passion for dangerous and extreme things such as dirt-biking, horseback riding, drag racing and cave riding in Caribbean.

Rich Celebrities

How Much Money is Tiger Woods Worth?

Tiger Woods enjoyed a dominant career in professional golf, eventually growing into one of the largest business empires in history, and surviving a controversy in his personal life that almost ruined his career in the process. He has landed a lot of very lucrative deals in his life, and continues to do so today.

The Crazy Earnings of Golfer Tiger Woods

The stellar golf legend has an estimated net worth of over $800 million, according to estimations made in 2019. There are a lot of ways that he has been able to amass this wealth, and we will discuss them further on. Keep reading to find out more!

One of his most financially sound cash cows is a long-standing alliance with apparel giant, Nike. The iconic sportswear brand was one of the few sponsors to maintain relations with Woods after the 2009 infidelity scandal that shook the sports world.  

Woods didn’t let the scandal drag him down, though. He recovered from the controversy and returned from a string of crippling injuries to re-establish himself as one of the most profitable sports athletes. He is currently working with a range of blue-chip brands, including Nike, Rolex and TaylorMade, the golf equipment company that produces Woods’ signature club line. 

Overall in his career, he has been able to score around 83 career wins and has even received medals straight from the president.

So how did it all begin? Woods made his professional start in golfing on 29 August 1996. 228 days later, on April 13, 1997, he managed to win The Masters. After winning The Masters, the 21-year-old negotiated a $40 million five-year contract with Nike and a $20 million five-year contract with Titleist.  

Read more about how he earned all his money:

Tiger Woods Wins the Masters

Around a couple of weeks later, on May 20, 1997, a day after having won the Byron Nelson Classic (the first championship he managed to enter after being the youngest person ever to win The Masters), Woods signed a $30 million five-year contract with American Express. The American Express contract, coupled with his Nike, Titleist and Tournament wins, brought his net worth to $100 million. If you compare this with LeBron James’ deal with Nike, it matured over seven years to be worth $90 million!

In September of 2000, Woods announced a second Nike sponsorship deal. This deal was worth $100 million over five years ($20 million per year). In other words, Woods received $140 million from Nike alone between 1997 and 2005. It is estimated that he must have received more than $200 million among all contracts over the seven-year period.

Woods has also had a bit of tricky and rocky personal life. In 2004, Woods married Elin Nordegren. Woods and Nordegren’s eldest child, a daughter they named Sam Alexis Woods, was born in 2007, and their son, Charlie Axel Woods, was born in 2009. Tiger’s adultery scandal shook the pair in 2009 and ultimately led to the downfall of their partnership. This cost him millions of dollars in potential earnings and he almost lost many of his sponsorship deals. However, he made it through and eventually climbed back up the success ladder.


Why Famous People Live in Florida

Florida is one of the highly desirable destinations in the United States for people who are looking to relocate. Whether you are moving from within the U.S or abroad, life in Florida is the true embodiment of ‘The American Dream’.

The Florida State is the most populous state in the Southeastern states which are commonly known as ‘The South’ of America. It is often called the Sunshine State because of its many beautiful beaches like the Miami Beach and shopping outlets plus tons of resorts and some of the biggest resort parks of the world. Florida has been successful in becoming a thriving tourism industry and has seen over 60 million visitors each year which has created a place full of various cultures.

If you are planning to move to Florida, you need to make sure that you have well researched the state to make sure you get to live in the best place possible. Here are some very important tips for moving in Florida, especially if you are coming from abroad with a family.

Finding a place to settle down

If you are planning to move to Florida, there are a variety of different lifestyle options you can choose from. Whether you love bright lights or a fenced suburbia, you’ll find everything here. There are even beautiful coastside areas in Florida which are ideal for anyone who loves beaches, the countryside and a serene environment. Before you move to Florida, discuss the kind of area and lifestyle you want to live with your family.

Moving to Florida with your personal assets

When moving from abroad, all of your possessions such as furniture, appliances and other personal items can be sent to Florida by sea or air. It all depends on how urgently you wish to move and settle down. A typical shipment of a container by ship can take up to 14 days. If you want stuff moved faster, consider using through air an option.

It’s also worth noting that high net worth individuals choose Florida because there are literally no State income taxes.

Rules of keeping domestic pets

Before you move to Florida with a pet, you need to have a certificate showing that they have been vaccinated against rabies. If you are moving from any other state or across the country which is not a ‘rabies-free’ country, this is an essential thing to get done before moving. If however you are moving from a rabies free area, then you should already possess the require documents.

Clearing all your financial matters

Before you move to Florida, especially from another country, you need to make sure that you resolve any of your financial matters within your home country. This can include anything from clearing your loans, telling the HR Revenue and customs department and organizing your bank accounts. If you do not plan on coming back to the country or state you are leaving from, then you absolutely need to make sure all of these matters are cleared with the respected authorities of your country/state. There are even restrictions on how much money you can bring with you to the USA, so make sure you are well aware.